Hunger of a demon and Realm of spirits creating chaos (part 2)

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Paranormall solution

They came after 10 days. Now a new problem cropped up. Five days after she had gone from here, she started witnessing a strange dream. In the dream she could see a big Valley, enclosed by mountains., girls and women working in the field. Big Apple trees she could see. This dream came to her daily without any interruption.

Since the dream was coming daily I understood that it is the result of spiritual drink. One thing friends I would like to say, dreams come to everyone but if any dream comes again and again then the dream is significant and has some meaning.
Interpretation of dream is very important as it tells the future events in a person’s life. So shubhi had seen the dream many times, so it could not be left like that.
I asked Shubhi ,did she see any scary thing in her dreams. She replied in negative but said that the dream was very pleasant. One thing was sure that the continuous same dream was the result of a spiritual water which she was drinking for 10 days. I asked her to continue drinking Holy water. My intuition said that something was hidden in the dream. So I asked them to come after 10 days.
But they came before time, most probably after seven days they came. She told me that she continued to see the same dream but one thing is added in the dream. Now in the dream she saw a big bald monster sitting under a tree. Around the demon strange type of pipes were hanging and he was eating chapati and pulses.

Now the question came, Who he was.Now the knuckle was getting more Tangled. I checked the Shubhi aura again. It was very weak. I was fully confirmed,if this aura belonged to someone else ,one should have been in the hospital or totally on bed. She was fine. Now she complained about a very small amount of energy loss.
I wanted to unfold the mystery. One thing was clear that all the new development were due to drinking of spiritual water. I meditated over her, I could feel nothing,neither good vibration nor bad vibration. Only the weak aura I could feel.

Since spiritual water was the main key to open the lock of mystery, I told shubhi to drink holy water with two particles of sugar 6 times a day. I wanted to see the reaction. I asked them to come after 3 days. Sudheer phone came after 2 days. He said , Shubhi is constantly crying after she got up from bed today. I told Sudheer to come with shubhi after 4 hours i. e. 8 p.m.
They came before time. Shubhi sat before me, her face had become slightly yellowish. Her eyes were filled with tears. I asked her to wipe away the tears.

She told me about the dream. She saw the same Valley but the only difference was that she was moving in the valley. She was moving in the field, under the apple trees and the wind was blowing slowly and slowly. She saw two girls in the field, she went to talk with girl. She started talking with girls, she saw that girls eyes were invisible, instead two black sockets were present in place of eyes . Their tongues were very long and it looked like the tongue of snakes.

She started running away from girls, when she looked back she saw about score of people coming after her.Crowd comprised of girls ,boys, men and women. After running some time she reached a big tree. She found the same big bald demon snoring there. She became so frustrated that she increased her speed. She saw the river and jumped into it. Taste of the water of river was same as spiritual water, then her eyes opened and she came out from dream.

After listening about her dream I knew that case was turning towards paranormal fog which had engulfed Shubhi. I gave her to wear the amulet around the neck and told her never to take off the amulet,no matter what happens. Then I gave her Mantra’ om Shri hanumate Namah ‘ and told her to recite the given Mantra at least 10,000 times in a day . She need not to do the Mantra in one sitting and can divided the task in many parts. She has to complete the task in 24 hours. I asked them to go and report me next day.
I knew that she escaped from death in dream. Spiritual water saved her because the river she saw in dream was the Spiritual water. I knew she was safe but this was the temporary relief. Main thing was to know that from where she got this problem. Remedy can be finalized if and only if the origin is traced.
Next day they came, shubhi told me that she saw the same dream but she was standing on mountain and nobody could see her. So I knew armour had been created around. But how to take her away from the dreams that was the main question.

I started asking shubhi her whereabouts . She told me that she spent her childhood in a village. She lived there till she passed 8 class ,her father was a primary school teacher who got transfer after that. I asked Shubhi to remember any incident that happened in village. She told that nothing important happened in village. She had a routine which involved going to school, coming back and then she should never go out from the house.

I asked anything she noticed while going to school and how old is the problem. She said that the problem existed 8 years from now. She was now about 28 years old. She said that while going to school she would sit on a stone on the way and would eat her tiffin.

โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ be continued