Cure Insomnia finally By Chakra Rectification (part 2)

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First day – first night you should have dinner before 10 p.m. Do not go for bed at once. Go for walk at least half an hour. If got problem in walking, move your hands and leg in slow motion for half an hour. After doing this apply Holy Water over your head. Quantity must be varied according to the climate. If it is too cold then apply very less holy water and vice versa. After applying Holy Water over your head, sit down with crossed legs but if you got any problem just sit on your bed in any position.

You can rest your back against anything either a wall or a pillow as you like. Now close your both eyes and say ‘om’. Do this for 15 minutes. You can set an alarm of 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes open your eyes and relax for 15 minutes. After that take 15 red dry Chili + 15 cloves + 15 pinch of yellow mustard seeds. Put all these things in a paper. Rotate the whole packet containing all these things over your head 21 times clockwise . After doing this, burn the packet in such a way that all the content get burnt fully. Read holy book after that for half an hour. Do not go for mobile and TV. Relax after that and lie down with eyes closed.

Second day – Take 14 dry red chilli +14 cloves + 14 pinch of yellow mustard seeds. Rotate it again for 21 times clockwise over your head and burn it. Go for ‘ Om’ for 20 minutes with closed Eyes. Other things being same ,as told above.

Third day- Take 13 red dry Chilli + 13 cloves+13 pinch of yellow mustard seeds . Today rotate for 11 Times and then burn it as told before. Go for ‘om’ for 20 minutes with closed Eyes. Read holy book for 40 minutes , other things being same.

Fourth day – 12 red dry Chili +12 cloves+12 pinch of yellow mustard seeds . Today rotate for 11 times and burn it. Go for ‘Om’ for 30 minutes and read holy book for 15 minutes .Now after reading holy book, again go for ‘om’ 15 minutes.Other things being same.

Fifth day – 11 red dry Chili + 11 cloves + 11 Pinch of yellow mustard seeds . Today rotate it for 5 times and Burn It. First go for ‘om’ 20 minutes ,read holy book 15 minutes and then again go for ‘om’ 45 minutes .other things being same.

Sixth day – Now see you have crossed 1/3 period I. e. 5 days. You might have felt some change. If not,Your problem will be amended soon. Today take 5 dry red chilli + 5 cloves + 5 Pinch of yellow mustard seeds . Today rotate it for 5 times and then Burn It. After that go for ‘om’ meditation for complete one hour. Then read your holy book for 15 minutes. Now relax with closed eyes. You will feel the sleep is covering you .Other things being same.

Seventh day – first go for meditation for half an hour. Then burn 5 cloves, 5 pinch of yellow mustard seeds , 5 dry red chilli after rotating over your head clockwise 5 times. Read the holy book for 15 minutes. Today you have to apply Holy Water over your head after you have done all things. Now relax with eyes closed.

Now there will be no change for remaining 8 days. For 8 days you
have to do same as you have done on 7th day.
Now one thing I want to tell you that this is tested thing don’t take it as a joke. My selfishness is only to rectify your problem.
You have completed 15 days, again repeat the therapy for 15 days more. You should know that after doing all these things ,never touch mobile or go for TV late night ,only relax ,relax ,relax. When you are fully rectified ,try not to disturb your own body clock by the old methods you had followed. Surely you will beat this insomnia and one more thing dear,do all remedy faithfully, have faith on God and have faith on remedy.
For next six months never forget to apply holy water over your head before going to bed. At least go for 15 minutes meditation when you are free in 24 hours daily. Follow this procedure and you will find that you are totally cure.
May god bless you.