CURE INSOMNIA finally By Chakra Rectification(part 1)

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Hello dear, once again I am with you as fresh as ever. I am as fresh as ever because I go for a good sound sleep. Do you sleep or not. If not, you must be taking some medicines to sleep. Oh my God, in spite of taking medicines one could not sleep more than 2 hours. This is a very big question mark. Friends, sound sleep is very important for a person. If you will not sleep, your energy level will go down. You will find your head heavy and many problems will crop up due to absence of sleep.

In medical world this problem is known by many terms. It is called sleeplessness, insomnia, ahypnia, agrypnia .
Have you ever thought that why don’t you get good sleep. How to get good sleep? if you are not sleeping after taking medicines.What you will do. Today we will find solution of this problem.
I am telling you a case which came to me when I was meditating in a temple. With the help of this I will tell you that how I rectified his problem and how to go for the remedy against the problem.
His name was Karan( name has been changed) here. He came to me and sat near me. At that time I was meditating. When I opened my eyes I saw him sitting beside me. He was nearly 40 years old and there was no glow on his face. With smile he introduce himself to me. I asked him about the problem.

Before telling the problem, he told me that he was medical representative and his younger brother was famous urologist.I was listening to him.
Now we came over the problem. He told me that, in the past 2 years he never slept more than 2 hours. In the starting his younger brother gave him medicines. With the help of those medicines he would sleep for at least 6 or 7 hours but with the time he could not sleep anymore, not more than 2 hours. He told me that no medicine was made for him who can put him to sleep. He said that his brother also consulted many neuro surgeons but their medicines went in vain. Those medicines affected his health but he was unable to achieve, what he wanted for i. e. sleep.

Now I asked him few questions. First question was that when he sleeps ,did he see any dreams. Answer came in negative. I asked him about the heaviness of the shoulder. He said that the shoulders are not heavy. These two answers assured me that there is no paranormal problems. If Karan has no paranormal problem then surely his Chakra or energy points definitely not working or in other words the Chakra has become weak. I mean to say that when this Chakra go with low-energy , create various type of problems in head. It could be depression, insomnia or may not be a sound sleep.
You have seen the conclusion. Sleeplessness can be caused by two factors. Either some paranormal things acting over you or only problem of Chakra in your head. Just now I have used the word ‘only problem of Chakra’,. Now see other Paranormal Activity or your basic activity affect your Chakra. In both the cases remedies are different. If you have a paranormal problem your Chakra of head are disturbed, but as soon as the Paranormal thing goes away ,you will be alright. In many cases, which I will write further in my blog will prove my vertdict true. In other words we can say that paranormal things are like clouds coming in front of sun i.e. chakra. As soon as clouds are dispersed the sun will shine again. In the same way as soon as paranormal things get away , chakra will work with original power and the person’s problem will be mended.

Now in karma’s case, problem of Chakra concerned with head went low in energy due to his untimely activities. I asked about his day-to-day routine. Sometimes he would sleep at 2 a.m or 3 a.m then goes to office at 9:30 a.m. Using the mobile late night or watching a movie all Night and many other activities disturbed his Chakra. This resulted in insomnia. We can also say that he disturbed his body clock. One thing I want to tell you that today maximum number of cases are concerned with sleeplessness are the result of disturbing their body clock. One thing more dear, chakra of head or of any other body part do not get spoiled at once by our disturbed body clock. This process is very slow and the healing is also very slow. It is similar to belly coming out and belly going in.

Now we shall go for remedy. I have divided the remedy in 15 days and again you have to repeat until your problem goes away. You have to keep faith in your God and over the remedy. The remedy is concerned with holy water as well as the prayer of God. I will tell you the remedy according to days.

…… be continued