Dayan mistress of grave Gave a Fatal Blow

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What I am telling you today, this event took place eight years ago. Those days I would sit in Hanuman Ji Temple and worship there. One of my acquaintance from my wife’s side came to me . I told them that I go to temple at 7:00 p.m but they should come any time after 9 p.m. In the meantime I could do my puja.

They came to me at 9 past 15 p.m. They told their problem. Problem was concerned with their small girl. Her name was Golu and she was 12 year old. Name has been changed here. I asked about the problem. They told me that Golu had been suffering since 2 years. Problem over Golu was critical.

Every night she felt that somebody was strangling her. At that time she could neither move nor shout. . She would bathe in sweat. In the morning when she would get up from bed, she would find her energy too low. According to them they visited many places but total rectification was not achieved. She would get temporary relief after going somewhere but the problem definitely persisted.

I asked Golu to sit in front of me. When I meditated over her ,I found the lady wearing Pure White cloth, her face was not visible. I knew that this was the case of Paranormal Activity. I did not tell anything before Golu. I asked her to bring some sweets from shop for offering to god. She went to buy the sweets.

I told her parents the real problem. I told that these types of spirits wants to expand their clan by killing the person over they act. So I told them to be cautious in this case because Golu was only 12 years old. Had she been above 18 years old, would have possessed much energy. So for 6 years they have to be cautious.
Parents asked me that from where did this Dayan had come. I told them that they always move in air and capture those whose energy Pool or aura is weak. Same thing happened with Golu. When Golu came I checked her Aura. Her aura was too weak. Now was the time of remedy.
So dear, I am telling to all of you. If you are suffering from this problem you will find great relief and in 6 months or year you will be fully rectified. If it takes more time don’t get upset, continue the remedy. Problem will get vanished itself. So let us go to the remedy which I told them.

*Every night Sprinkle Holy Water over your bed and nearby before going to sleep.

*Before sleeping at night, soak a clean piece of cloth in holy water and then Sprinkle some turmeric powder over it. With that cloth now wipe your whole body.

*Keep a jug of water below or beside the bed where you sleep.

*Take a white thread, smear it with Hanuman Ji vermilion .But if you belong to other religion, tie white thread around your holy book and Sprinkle some holy water over it. After 2 hours take the thread out. Now divide the thread in four parts. Now tie the 4 threads on the 4 bed post.

*keep the holy book at bedside.
*Wear a part of that thread around your neck.Before going to bed read your holy book at least for half an hour and then sleep.
These remedies will create positive energy pool or positive frequency .Negative frequency of spirit will not be able to break God positive energy . Parents of Golu noted down all the remedy in their diary and went. I told Golu to read Hanuman Chalisa for at least half an hour before going to bed. I asked them to come after a month.
They came after a month, now glow on Golu’s face brightened. Her parents told me that now Golu is much relaxed and she feels free from Dayan. I asked Golu to sit in front of him. I meditated and found that the dayan was in anger mood. I told them to continue their remedy, nothing will happen as Dayan would go herself . I made them clear not to break the remedy before 6 months.

I told them that there was no need to come to me however any problem comes they are most welcome here. I asked them to take amulet for Golu from me after 10 days as I was going out of station. Nobody Came after 10 days and I nearly forgot about them. After three months a call from an unknown number came to me. When I listened the call I found father of Golu was on line. He was very nervous and told me that golu has been admitted in hospital two days before. She had high fever but today morning she felt some paranormal activity and water has come in her lungs. I knew the Mischief of dayan as she was finding the chance. Dayan got the chance and played the game over Golu. I asked them about the remedy I told. Remedy was not done for two weeks as Golu examination started. I asked them that why the remedy was not being done ,it was so easy and Golu could read hanuman chalisa for half an hour.

Her father did not answer. However I told them to take 12 mud lamps. Fill them with desi ghee and lit it. Every hour he has to take a mud lamp, rotate around golu’s head 11 Times then keep it in temple inside or outside. He has to start this at 9:00 p.m till 8 p.m morning. He did the remedy and in morning golu was fine and two days after she was discharged.
After that Golu and her parent never came to me. Once I was sitting in the temple, acquaintance of Golu father came to me. He gave me his introduction. He told me about Golu. After listening , golu face came before my eyes.
He told me that Golu was fine after doing the remedy. But after some months she stopped the remedy. Parent of Golu did not say anything to her.

After some days Golu again met with different type of paranormal problem not as serious as before. Her Parents took Golu to somebody else who was near their home. To whom they went was not a devotee of God but a person dealing with the Spirits. He told Golu parents that he wanted something for Puja. Then he told that he would go with her father to one of the grave beside Gymkhana Club in Company Bagh. There he would offer those things to dayan and surely Dayan would leave Golu.
Her father went with that man to the grave . As he started offering at the grave,a lady clad in white clothes came. She challenged him and said that she is taking the girl with her. If he has guts to save, save her.After two minutes phone came to her father that Golu was dead.
I felt so bad. Their house distance was only five km from my temple. So trust GOD, HE is supreme. Never go to anybody who play with spirits.