Tombs abode of spirits and Spirit became master from servant .(part 2)

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When she sprayed holy water on kant. He became unconscious. That day Sita had gone somewhere. When Kant came to senses his facial expression changed. He touched his mother feet to show respect and started weeping. This was told by Prema when she came again. She told that sita took him to tantrik . First she would go inside then she would call kant inside. Tantrik would Sprinkle some dust on Kant and give him something to eat.

Kant also told that sita is indulged in some mysterious type of Puja. One day when he was sleeping suddenly his eyes opened,He saw that Sita was sitting totally naked and reciting something. She took a lemon,put two cloves over it and cut it in wrong direction by taking the name of prema and Suraj.
I Understood that this is the story of mesmerism and revenge. As far as concerned for mesmerism, sita mesmerised Kant. By taking the help of tantrik she did this because she wanted that kant should always do what she says. Now for Revenge, she wanted that Prema and Suraj should live somewhere and she also wanted to inflict deadly blow on both.

I told Prema that she could not do anything. One more thing was told by kant that in her room she had made niche where she gives offerings.
I knew at once that she is worshipping spirits. I told prema to bring spices, milk , any edible raw item or any edible item with her to house when she comes from office. What was kept in room in her absence she should not use those things. As far as concerned for water, drink that water which she herself fills before her eyes. I knew that Sita will play a game over Prema. Prema did what I said.

After 2 days prema’s phone came. She told me that Sita nature has drastically changed. She comes daily in morning and touches her feet. She also brings many things to eat. I became alarmed because I knew that Sita wanted to harm prema and Suraj. I forbid them to eat anything from sita’s hands. I asked prema to meet me on Saturday.
On Saturday Prema came with Kant , I saw kant first time. There was no glow on his face and his health was also not fine.. Prema asked me to check kant. I put my hand on the head of Kant he felt headache. I told them that some mysterious activities are going with Kant. Kant also told me that one day she overheard the talks between tantrik and Sita. She was asking tantrik how to make spirits her servant. Tantrik told Sita that if she will take hold of spirits she will get money as well as power.

First of all I had to cure kant. I applied Holy Water on his head. After that I kept my hand on kant’s head and started reciting Mantra in my mind. I did this for 10 minutes. This is done to transfer spiritual energy. Kant told me he was feeling fresh. He understood that his wife had done some mesmerizing black magic. I told kant to behave in same manner as he was before and should observe the activities of Sita.
Kant came on Tuesday with Prema. She told me that sita is in constant touch with tantrik. She is learning to become mistress of spirits. She wants to gain power as well as money. She also wants to kill Prema and Suraj by employing sprit. She becomes totally naked at 1 a.m and starts offering various things to an empty niche. She calls the spirit to occupy the niche and she has committed to make spirits happy if they will obey all her commands.

I told them that these activities are against the wish of God. She will suffer one day in such a way that either she will become insane aur would embrace death. I asked Prema to leave that house with Suraj as prema had one more house ,3 kilometres away. I asked kant to be alert and give him an amulet as well as Hanuman Ji Vermilion to apply on all Chakras or energy points.
Prema and Suraj moved to another house. I told them to do Havan at 11 p.m everyday. Havan has the power to stop any spirit from doing harm.

After a month, prema ,Kant and Suraj came in evening at 7 p.m. What they told me was a quite scary matter. They told me that two days before sita was busy in her devil worship. At 3:00 a.m in the morning she started shouting and vomited blood. She was shouting in such a way as somebody was hitting her. After vomiting blood she took the blood and smeared over her face. After that she became unconscious.
They took her to hospital, all tests were normal but she behaved like insane. Two days have gone ,staff of hospital has tied her legs and hand with bedpost.
I told them, she wanted to master the spirit but spirit has become her master. I knew that this was the game of devil. I told them that taming the spirit is same as taming the mad dog. A slight mistake will be too heavy for one who indulges in these activities. Same thing happened with Sita. Those who follow the path of Evil their end is also eerie.

Same happened with Sita, one day she got the chance, she took a knife and thrust it into her belly. It was bleeding profusely but she was laughing. She died after a day.
So dear never go to devil for power and money. Go for GOD HE is supreme.