Tombs abode of spirits and Spirit became master from servant .(part 1)

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Hello friends , how are you. Let us go on the journey of real instances. I remember ,two years ago a widow lady came to me .Her name was Prema. She was a government servant. She came to me with bundle of problems.

She had two sons, one was 25 years old and other was thirty years old. Elder son was advocate by profession, and the younger was employed in hDFC Bank. Elder sons name and younger sons name were Kant and Suraj respectively. All the names have been changed to keep their identity secure. Kant was married while Suraj was unmarried.

According to Prema, problem started after the marriage of Kant. One year went happily with daughter in law. But as soon as second year of married life of kant started, all problems fell over Prema. Daughter-in-law started quarrelling with Prema and she wanted to have separate kitchen. According to Prema ,for the peace of home she divided the kitchen. Her daughter in law lived in second storey and perma ,Suraj lived in first storey. The house was two storeyed.Kant did as told by his wife, he had no reaction.

Prema told me that after dividing the kitchen, she noted a drastic change in the behaviour of Kant. Before that kant would talk to his mother and brother, shared his problems and helped them when required. But now he behaved as a stranger. She told that he comes from the court and straight away goes to his room. Health of kant has fallen badly and his facial expression is drastically changed. So prema told me that she had doubt over daughter in law because many persons have told her that kant with his wife go to some tantrik of bad fame.

I asked Prema, did she find any cloves , vermilion or sesame . She said that nothing was seen like that but she had noticed that Sita( name of daughter in law )has tied something in form of knot in her saree. I asked Prema to sit in front of me. When I meditated over it and checked her body frequency, I felt that somebody was spraying dust over a man. I did not tell anything to prema. I told Prema that whenever she finds Sita going to terrace, go to Sita room and bring the dust of that room.

She came after a week. After much labour, however she got the dust of sita’s room. I asked Prema to keep the dust in front of me. I got the smell of burning flesh from the dust. It means that someone doing anti God activities in her home.

I give her a red cloth in which I put Hanuman Ji vermilion , 11 cloves, 2 Pinch of powdered turmeric and ash of havan. I told Prema to touch all these things with God feet and put it in her house. I asked her to sprinkle holy water in the whole house. I also give her two amulets , one she has to wear and other has to be worn by Suraj. It is so because I thought that something adverse would happen and Sita can harm them by Black magic. I told Prema never to remove amulet .This amulet is the power of God . I made her clear that no power is greater than power of God.

Next day when I was doing worship of God at my place. My wife came and give me the phone and gesticulated that somebody wants to talk to me. When I took the phone I found that Prema was on the line. She was speaking from the hospital. She told me that kant had become unconscious and pain in Sita stomach is acute. So she had brought both of them to hospital ,both were alright. All tests were normal. She said that sita was very annoyed and she was staring Prema as she would chew her raw .

I told Prema to come next day.
When next day Prema came,I told her that hospitalization took due to the power of God which she had kept in the room. Now I told Prema to be careful and gave her a Mantra ‘om hung Pawan Nandanay Swaha’. I told her to recite this Mantra 2160 times. She can recite the Mantra in one sitting or in more sittings but has to complete the mantra or task in 24 hours. I asked her to spray Holy Water over Kant.

.to be continued….