Sure HEALING of gap in spinal cord by energizing energy points.

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Hello friends how are you. Greeting to the elders and affection to the young ones. Today we will talk about something different from paranormal activities. Yes dear ,today I am telling you a case where the problem was acute. So dear let’s go with the case concerned with energy points. Here you will see how I solved the problem and you can also do the healing process which I will tell you today. You can also heal it. But devotion and Faith to God is required. Let us go.

I told you before that I diagnose the People’s problem on Tuesday and Saturday. Husband and wife came on Saturday. Let us call them Ravi and Reena. They were very sad as medicine had become part of their life. Both had many ailments. They sat in front of me, I meditated and found that one of the Chakra (energy point) of Reena not functioning properly. Both had some planetary problems while Ravi was also short of energy. I told them to bring dust of the house swept in morning. You know dear dust gives many information about the frequency of house. I will tell you slowly and slowly each and everything because I want you to have rectification power used in benefit of others.

Ravi and Reena brought the dust on Tuesday. Seeing the colour of dust I knew the frequency of house is sucking the energy of occupant. No paranormal signs were there. They did not dream fearful thing, but sometimes they would see bad dreams , that does not matter. Now the main thing was to increase the frequency of house in positive direction. To have better frequency at home I told them to put a bottle containing salt about 250 gram in each room. Bottle should be left open and when the salt changes colour, replace it with new bottle containing salt. As far as concerned for the experience this remedy works very well and within a month or two you will find a positive change in your house.

I told them one more thing to do. Before going to bed spray holy water in each and every room at night. It is a fact that holy water is the fruitful remedy against the Paranormal bombs. But it is also seen that if you make a habit of spraying holy water in your home before going to bed, surely you feel good energy in your house. One thing more, place where you sleep should always be charged with positive vibration, otherwise problems like depression , feeling lonely , feeling less energy and other things will act on you.

What is meant by frequency. Everything in this world have frequency. Why you feel bad at some place or with someone because frequency is bad and not matching with your body. You will find the blog of Mine on this topic
After telling Reena and Ravi about these basic concepts, I asked them to come on next saturday. They were on time on Saturday. They sat in front of me. When I meditated over them I found two planets were disturbing Reena and one planet was disturbing Ravi. The problem causing planets were Saturn and Moon for Reena . As far as concerned for Ravi ,sun was the problem causing planet .For Saturn, I told Reena to donate half kg coal on Saturday and she has to light a lamp of mustard oil in the God’s Temple. Now for the remedy of moon, one has to donate half litre milk to any beggar or to anybody on Monday. To Ravi I told him to stand facing the sun, offer 1kg water to Sun, also adding a Pinch of Roli (powder made by adding lime in wet powdered turmeric ) in water. After telling all this, I asked them to do all these remedies so that planets get balanced.

Friends one thing I would like to say that the remedy I am telling you is not only confined to Hindu religion, anyone can do it and get benefit out of it. After 1 month Reena and Ravi came back. They told that they are feeling much better than before. Their house is looking more positive. Now was the turn of main problem of Reena. Reena Chakra was not working properly which was at the tip of spinal cord downward. I told you that Chakra cause great problem in our life. This energy point at the tip of spinal cord is important for functioning of bones in the belt region.
If anybody has severe problem in waist then he or she should understand that energy point at the tip of spinal cord is not functioning properly. So any problem concerned with the movement of waist is connected to this Chakra. Medical world is different. Gap in spinal cord as in the case of reena is also the result of problem in Chakra.

Now how to do the treatment. This treatment may take six month or a year or two, but you will be saved from operation or high doses of medicine. First I will tell how I did the treatment of Reena . In the end I will tell you how you can do it for someone else.
Let us move to Reena problem, I told Ravi to bring Reena on Tuesday and Saturday. I asked them to bring rose water , kewra water ( pandan extract ) ,holy water along with hundred gram of powder turmeric and White cloth.
When Reena came I asked her to lay down on her stomach. She lie down on her stomach? Now I inspected the tip portion of Reena. I found energy level too low at that point. Then with the help of Mantra, applied holy water, rose water ,kewra water over the tip and the gap. She had the great pain at the portion where gap was present.I applied 5 times each ,all the three waters and massaged the portion where the gap was ,with soft hands reciting the mantra. After that I applied turmeric powder over it. I told her to lay five minutes in the same position. After that I tied the cloth around her waist. I asked Ravi to apply all the things as I have done, but on those days when he is not coming here.

After 8 months the pain subsided gradually , showing gain of energy in gap. One thing I would like to point out that I give her some painkiller by blewing the mantra over the medicine. It was to be taken when pain is out of control.
Thanks to God, she did not feel any pain after a year. I told her that she was alright and now she could work in any posture. I told her to come twice in month for another 6 months and then once in a month for another three months. I told her that now she was perfect and trust is a very big thing. She had faith over Me and I had faith over God.
Now I will tell you how you can do it. You might be belonging to any religion, select a phrase from your holy book where GOD say to save everyone from disease. Read the particular phrase at least 100000 times with eyes closed. You can complete the task in a month. Doing this ,the particular phrase will get power and it will work easily.Then do as I have done on Reena. One more thing I would like to tell you, never leave your powerful Mantra like that.
Daily you have to recite the mantra at least 551 times.

Keep faith on God, you will get success. Move in the world to reduce the hassle of life.To whom you will cure, will give you blessings from heart and you know blessings by heart is equivalent to blessings of GOD.
GOD is great.