FAT BELLIED GHOST but A Great fatal cook(part2)

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I told them not to talk about him (ghost )in house. He must have become careful by now. Parul asked me the rectification. What I told them is as follows.

* I asked Vishnu to wear amulet today before entering the house. He said he would take it from me after the discussion.

* I ask them to put a bottle of holy water in every room. If they feel something abnormal, should Sprinkle Holy Water over it.

*I told them to make a paste of holy water with powdered turmeric. Make a sign of ‘om ‘over every door. they have to apply hanuman Ji Vermilion in their navel.

* After 10 p.m they have to light a fire and do hawan. I give them 10 Mantra.Every Mantra had to be recited 551 times accompanied by offering.

* if anybody calls them or hear some type of voice, go straight away and Sprinkle the holy water.

* Before doing all this tell the ghost in loud voice that they do not mean to harm him . Either he become harmless or if he wanted anything should inform in their dreams.

* I told Parul and Vishnu to become bold. God is with them and nobody is greater than God. I gave them some rice, mix it with hanuman Ji vermilion and always keep it with them. If they see anybody just throw some rice over it you will see the paranormal thing will go away.

* Ghost might take the form of Parul or Vishnu . So for this they have to recite Mantra when they sit near each other. If they feel suspicion they should throw rice over each other.
I asked them to call two persons more in night, by this they would gain confidence. Parul called her two brothers in the park and described them the problem and remedy. I gave them the amulets. So all the four persons went into the house well prepared.

Next day vishnu’s phone came. He told me the story of previous night. He said the ghost became violent after 10 p.m in night when they started havan. Whole house was filled with blood freezing laughs. In other rooms it felt as somebody was moving in anger. Kitchen utensils fell with great band sound. But the ghost could not harm them as the four persons were fully armoured. Havan ended at 3 a.m, after that nothing happened. Vishnu said that they all slept peacefully and his headache is nearly gone. They did all these things for five days and the effect of ghost gradually faded. In these 5 days vishnu had become energetic, depression flew in the air.
On sixth day when they slept, both Parul and Vishnu saw a dream.

In the dream they saw fat bellied ghost. He was weeping. He told them that 150 years back he lived there peacefully. He was a famous cook and worked in English military canteen. He had a friend on whom he had great faith. One day his friend give him poison and took all his property. He became ghost but could not do anything as he had no power that time. He could only see his friend enjoying his property. Since he was alone there, family lived in village 800 km away. He could not enter any temple being ghost so he sat in front of God’s Temple and told god his problem. He attained Some power. He went back and took revenge by killing his friend. From that day he is living there.
He told Vishnu and Parul that they are the first person who have asked about his will and did not use any form of weapon to turn him out. He wished to get free from the bondage of ghost.

Both Parul and Vishnu told me with tears in their eyes. I also felt very bad about the fatty one. I told them to do havan for ghost so that he get free from this bondage. . I told them to start havan at 12 p.m . Place a white handkerchief near hawan, request the ghost to sit on it. Then touch the offering of God with handkerchief and recite the mantra as usual.
From that day everything had become peaceful. Every problem evaporated into air. One day when I visited parul and Vishnu house, old thoughts came into my mind. I looked up there I saw two folded hands as he (ghost ) was thanking me. I went in and sat in the drawing room. The frequency of house was very good. Parul brought tea and we started talking. They asked the question,why ghost was watching me. I told them that ghost can see the energy field of a person. My energy pool is much as I am involved in Puja. It is also called aura or Energy field around the body.

Aura is a coloured emanation surrounding the body.
So when ghost saw my extended Energy field, he did not like me from the first day and might be thinking that Vishnu would do any mischief through me.
One day at the time of havan they felt that a small light from the handkerchief went into havan and the rose fell before them.. I told them he had gone and rose is the form of thankfulness to both of you.