FAT BELLIED GHOST but A Great fatal cook(Part 1)

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One of my family friend was in search of a house. He was very cautious in buying the house but he did not believe in ghost or any type of paranormal activities. Does not matter, everybody has its own thinking. After much pain he got a house of his own choice, so he bought it.

One day he took me to his house to have a look at it. Since he was renovating the house, labourers had gone by 6:30 p.m. We reached the home at 8:00 p.m. He put the big key in lock and rotated it twice , the lock did not open. After many attempts lock did not open and we came back, Now the date of showing the house moved to next Sunday. My friend Vishnu came on time next Sunday. He told that the lock was fine because next day it opened without any resistance. However he oiled the lock next day.
So we started for house on Sunday. We reached there at 1 p.m. Work was going on, labourers were busy. The house was three Storeyed and Vishnu was adamant to renovate it as modern as possible. He showed me every room and then we went to terrace. From there he showed me the house of that person ,from whom he bought the house. I was listening. When we were coming down I saw a trident, attached on a wall having some vermilion on it. I asked about it . He told me that owner had put it for fashion now he will going to throw it out. I knew about the property of Trident but did not answer there. Vishnu showed me every nook and corner, after 2 hours we came back.

It has been two weeks, one day my mobile rang, it was vishnu’s call. Vishnu was calling me from other City. He asked me to go to his new house, some money had to be given their. I was free at 8 p.m. I took the money and reached the house. I saw somebody peeping from terrace. Face was not visible, his belly was out and looked like fat cook.

However the door opened, man came out and took me inside. I asked name of the person and gave him money as told by Vishnu.I asked him how many people live here. He said that he live there alone at night. This man was different from who was peeping from terrace. I thought it might be the neighbour.
After a week Vishnu came with the invitation card, he invited me for next day as he was moving in the new house. He had called lot of persons. I congratulated him and told him that I would come.
I went to Vishnu’s new house. It was visible that he spent a lot of money in renovating the house. The house was very beautiful. One could see beautiful carvings on the walls. Rooms were spacious. In short the house was made very nice.

After 2 weeks, wife of Vishnu came to me .She had a expression of fear on her face. I asked about the matter. She told me two unusual things. First of all she told me that she can’t cook anything properly in new house. Second thing she told me ,some time spices, flour and other edible raw items disappear from their respective boxes. I asked, did she tell Vishnu. She panicked at my question. She shook her head from left to right. I gave her an amulet and ash of havan (offering given to God in fire). I told her to put amulet around her neck and Sprinkle the ash of havan everywhere in the house at night . She did all this and informed me on mobile that the issue is solved, she thanked me a lot.
Two months after this incident, parul came again, parul is the name of vishnu’s wife. She told me that vishnu had gone into depression. I had not met Vishnu for long time. This happened because the new house of vishnu is about 8 kilometres from my residence. Earlier we used to meet daily as he was my neighbour.

I went to Vishnu residence. I Rang the bell. I saw the same fat man peeping from terrace. Door opened, parul came and took me inside. Vishnu was lying on the bed. When he saw me he started weeping in exuberant manner. I took Vishnu in my arms and consoled him. When he stopped weeping I asked him the matter. He told me,from the first day in this house he never slept soundly. Whenever he slept, in dream he saw a fat man,belly hanging outside . That fatty told Vishnu in his dreams to vacate the house as soon as possible.

Otherwise the consequences will be fatal. He told Vishnu that it is his house. Vishnu told that headache has become a part of his life.
I became alarmed, that fat man’s face came dancing before my eyes. I asked Vishnu and Parul about the fat man who always peeps from terrace. I told them the whole matter. I could see fear in their eyes.

Now the mystery had begun to unfold. Is fat man was ghost? Why Trident was placed on the wall? Why did the edible raw items disappear from the kitchen? Why Parul could not cook properly? It means that I encountered the ghost two times. Since I deal with paranormal activities therefore these things did not create big impact on me.I made the situation clear before Vishnu and Parul. Their faces became White with fear., I said the ghost is after you. I also told them about the Trident which Vishnu had thrown away. I made Vishnu clear that depression is the gift of that ghost only.

I think first time in life vishnu believed in ghost. Parul also told Vishnu, the events which took 2 months back. She showed Vishnu the amulet worn by her around the neck. Vishnu said , he is going to talk with previous owner of the house. I stopped him, who would say that he sold the house due to ghost. Vishnu asked me about the next step. I said, to get rid of that fat bellied ghost. As soon as I said this , photo made of glass fell on the floor and dashed into pieces. Impact was so great as somebody had thrown the photo.
I pointed them to come outside the house and went to a nearby park. We sat on the bench and there I told that the ghost was listening my words and he reacted.

To be continued……. ….