Remedy Against Hidden Gifted Ghost, was Specialist in giving problems

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Paranormall solution

Have you ever thought when evening approaches you are often shifted to hospital.
I encountered this type of case. A family came comprised of father , mother , daughter and son (doing job outside the city). Somebody told them my name and they came for consultation. They were very sad as every type of problem accompanied them.

Case Study
They started telling me their problem. All the members were medically diagnosed with one or other disease. Father was having heart problem. There was a blockage in his heart. Mother had cyst in uterus and stone in gallbladder. Daughter who was 22 years old was diagnosed with diabetes and son had the problem of asthma. Their problem did not end here. Father’s business was shutdown and the financial stress totally went on the shoulders of son who was employed in other City.
I got them sit in front of me. When I closed my eyes for meditation, I found that they had some planetary problems. I suggested them the remedy and asked them to come after a month. Dear friends sometimes planetary problems are also devastating. In many cases I have seen if planetary problems are not resolved at proper time they can make a person beggar. Planets can change your nature. I mean to say that rectification of planetary problem is very important.

So I told them the remedy and they departed. After one month they came. They told me that they did everything as told by me. There was no relief for them. Again I meditated and found the same planetary problems. I thought that the solution of planetary problem might not be working so I told them new remedy accompanied by two Mantra. My remedy were as follows (1) donate black sesame on Saturday about 250 gram (2) to light the mustard oil lamp before God ,daily(3) to feed the cow green fodder on Wednesday (4) To Sprinkle holy water at night before going to bed. First remedy will free you from the clutches of Saturn. Second will protect you against the paranormal activities and will act as an armour against the Bad Influence of planet. Third remedy is for good luck and fourth remedy is for purification. It is just like prescription of doctor. After telling the remedies I told them to come after 15 days.
Again no result was visible. Now the case was becoming interesting. Things coming in meditation never go wrong because they are the hints given by God. But here in this case was a great question mark. Why the remedy did not click.
I prayed my God and asked them about the dreams. No dream was there. I asked about the sleeping hours. The answer give me some clue. They told that they never got sound sleep.

You know the Paranormal things directly attack the Chakras or energy points of brain.
I thought that something was not coming in front. I told them to bring one cloth of each family member. But one condition was there. The cloth you give should be worn full night. So they all gave their clothes. You know used clothes have all the major components which a meditator requires.
Other day when I sat for my puja I kept tho clothes in front of me and meditated over them. I meditated deeply for half an hour and felt that some old man was walking. Old man had very long white beard. Whole face was covered with wrinkles. I opened my eyes and estimated that the age of old man would be over hundred years. Now the question arised Who he was. But one thing became clear that some paranormal things were present but hidden.
I did not tell them about the meditation but asked them to bring the dust of house swept in morning.

They brought the dust and kept it before me. I meditated the dust, it gave the feeling of night and somebody sobbing. These were the clues which god give me from their cloth as well as dust of the house. Now interpretation was my problem. I asked them, do they feel uneasy at night or they hear sobbing sound at night. Answer came in negative again. But suddenly there 22 years daughter spoke. She said in these years suddenly something happens and any of us is hospitalised. Her mother told that this all happens only after 6 p.m. I asked who sobs. Answer came in positive by daughter who said “I”. What came in meditation was becoming true. But who was behind this as no paranormal indications were seen.
But one thing was clear that scent of other world started coming. That day I prayed God profusely and asked for help.
On Tuesday they came again, we were talking about the matter. Suddenly the mother told me that they were healthy before coming in this house. I asked them that the house was owned by them. The answer came in positive. Suddenly, I don’t know myself,I asked them to show the photo of contractor who constructed the house. When I meditated on photo of contractor my tension was released.

I smiled. They were looking at my face. I asked about the payment given to contractor. Yes the payment was given before the completion of whole work. I told them what had happened. When I saw the photo of contractor, feeling was that he put spirit in house and The Spirit was of old man. He did this to get his payment without any delay. This was the same old man which I had felt before in my meditation. The contractor left the spirit there in the house after getting the payment and give them the headache. Since the spirit was in captivation so it could not go out of the house.
I told the family ,to take the payment at time he brought the spirit of old man. After payment he did not bother about the spirit and left the thing which contained the spirit there only. Family gazed at me and the expression of faces were such that I was lying. I also told then that old man wanted to go out but he could not. His power increases after 6 p.m that is why they were hospitalized after evening starts.Then it was the time of final remedy.

The question came”how to get rid of old man spirit โ€. I told them to buy a white cloth, 250 gram sweets and 3 meter white thread. I told them to put all these things at night in a dark room of their house and in morning at 4 am they have to keep all the things before God in any Temple.
They did and this remedy was successful. One thing was clear that these paranormal things dominate the planetary effect and the problem concerned with the planet can only be rectified after the influence of paranormal things ended.

Everything became fine and I asked them to place an idol of the God in house. This will provide positive energy in abundance.
God is great.