HOLY WATER-Soul purifier and great healer

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You must have heard about holy water. What does it mean ,Why it is called holy water. There are many such questions about which I would like to tell you. You must have read in my blog how much I use holy water. Let’s read the glory of holy water.
Where I live ,holy water is called the water of the Ganga River. What is the specialty of this sacred water. Put the Ganga water in a bottle, you will see that after many years it is free from germs .

I told this one feature, Ganga water has countless features. So the holy water here is Ganga water. It can also be said that the holy water of entire India is Ganga water.
The question arises whether there is holy water outside India. Why not, there is holy water in every religion. Now the question arises how to use holy water. Before telling the usage, let me tell you that you can also make holy water but we will talk about it later.

See, every holy water has so much positive energy that negative energy is dominated by that energy. What is negative energy and what is positive energy. See positive energy keeps our body healthy, keeps us energetic and gives our mind a right direction. What is negative energy. See there is an energy beam around our body. The more you worship, the more your energy pool will increase. The energy beam of a sick person decreases and the energy pool of a dead person becomes zero . Energy is the power in our life that we should always maintain and strengthen it day by day.
Now let’s talk about negative energies. It is the energy that weakens the energy mass of our body.

For example, what is depression, it is a state where the wrong energy blows up the energy pool of our head. You see, the person sleeps a lot with whatever medicine the doctor gives. Our energy increases by sleeping and it can also be said that at that time medicine works as a positive energy for us which increases our energy pool .
Spirits or what we call ghosts are also the source of negative energy. In some ghosts, this energy is less and in some negative energy is more . A good soul or a bad soul is a different thing, but in all souls there is definitely a part of negative energy . For example, if anybody’s Mother or father’s soul dominates over someone, then his body will definitely be affected in a negative way . There is definitely a negative part in the souls which negatively affects our body and chakras of our body, chakra means the energy pool which gets spoiled.

The negative energy is not only in ghosts, but also in events that happen in our life , the way of talking, etc. There are wrong energies in all these and I will write a blog soon on this as well.
You must have sometimes seen that sitting with a person brings wrong thoughts to your mind, so what is the meaning of that, person’s entire energy is full of negativity . Only then it is said that go for good people company because a good person is always full of good energy and sitting near him also benefits your energy.
Holy water protects us from these wrong or negative energy. Holy water has positive energy and wrong energy or negative energy does not stand in front of it. This is my experience.

, # If someone’s head is in pain, then put holy water on that person’s forehead and ask him to remember his God, his head pain will come down in a while.
# If a ghost has come upon someone, then sprinkle holy water on it 101 times after taking the name of your god 101 times, see the effect immediately.
# If ghosts are disturbing you too much , drink one spoon of holy water every hour and rub the holy water on your head and do the above mentioned action as well.
# If you feel someone throttle you while sleeping or do not let you move, then clean the entire body with holy water at bedtime and keep the ordinary water next to or below the place where you sleep, it will definitely be relaxing!

# If a woman feels the powers do wrong with her while sleeping, then she should mix holy water with powdered turmeric and take bath before sleeping and apply the paste on her private parts.
# If your hand keeps shaking due to any reason, apply holy water in the whole hand and massage the hand 101 times from top to bottom. There will definitely be beneficial .
# If a person is lacking in energy, drink two particles of sugar in a spoonful of holy water 5 times per day for 2 days and it will definitely benefit.
# If someone has spondylitis, i.e stiff neck, head pain, put that person on the stomach first. Mix holy water and powdered turmeric and make paste , and apply the paste on the spinal cord . Above where the spinal cord ends, there you will see definitely a swelled vein, massage that vein it will definitely benefit.
The use of holy water is countless.
# If a person gets fever and goes up and down for several months and nothing comes in the medical test, then put that person in the sun and apply holy water over the whole body , the person should remain seated till that holy water itself evaporates . Do not go, After that wash any two fruits with holy water and remember God in the mind and feed the person both fruits.

# If someone does not get sleep, then the person should pour holy water on his head at night and do not wipe . Then for half an hour read any holy book. If you are a Hindu, read any chalisa, if you are a Muslim, read the Quran, if you are Christian, you should read the Bible, you will surely fall asleep.
# If there is little or no erection in a person’s penis, then that person should apply holy water on his penis in the morning and evening ,do not wipe it and it will definitely make a difference.
There are so many uses that it is difficult to tell everything, but do all the uses mentioned with confidence, at least for 1 month. Do the above method continuously, only then it will benefit.
# Yes, one more thing if you are sick and eating medicine. See, medicine also works as a negative and positive energy. Keep all your medicines where you worship. When you have to eat the medicine, add a drop of holy water over the medicine and then swallow it with plain water ,will get amazing results.
. You must have understood by now now, that holy water is used in many ways.

Now let’s talk about the place where you cannot find holy water. There is no need to worry, you can make it at home too. You can make holy water but energy is not restored more than 5 hours in it, so that holy water should be used within 5 hours. Take a metal idol of the God you worship. Worship for 1 month. Then when the holy water is to be made, take the plain water in a bowl and put the foot of the idol in the bowl , half an hour later take it out . Your holy water is ready, but use it within 5 hours.
If there is no idol of God, then fill the plain water in the bowl and put holy book over the bowl. Then pray to God for 15 minutes , remove the book after 4 hours and your holy water is ready.

Friends their are many things but it is very difficult to tell all the things together. Then I say, believe in God, God does good, God never does evil.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™