Remedy Against Dark Shadows of Mesmreism but Deadly and fatal out bursts.

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On Tuesday, I was worshiping in my temple. A person came to see me. I asked him who he was and who had sent him. He said that he worked in the High Court and his name was Ajay (name changed). He took the name of one of our acquaintance and said that he had sent.
Ajay was making strange facial expressions while speaking again and again. I asked that someone else had come with him . He said that he had come alone. I said “go get someone else with you on Saturday”. He immediately got up , made a strange face murmured and went out. I understood that there was something strange in that person.

You must be wondering why I told him to bring someone else along. Sometimes a person starts doing strange things and it becomes difficult to handle and that is why someone is called with him or her .
When he came on Saturday, there was another person with him. Ajay told that something moves in his body and that thing starts banging him. He told that up to class 6 he was very good in studies, later his mind completely drifted away from reading. While sitting with the book, He could not understand anything, but if he had been in a holy place, he would understand.He said that his problems had increased more after marriage.
I asked him to bring home dust. He could not understand. I said that when you sweep the house in the morning, the dirt that comes out should be brought. I told him to bring the dust of the same day, when he was to come here .

Next Tuesday he brought the dust . When I inspected the dust, it was understood that there was something wrong with the house. I asked Ajay if there was something wrong with the house. Ajay told that when he sleeps, he feels that something keeps going moving at night in the house. Many times someone starts blowing in his ear. Ajay said that he could not even drive a vehicle because he did not know when he would fall.
Ajay was telling suddenly I saw that his face was changing, that was expected. Ajay started shouting badly, he slammed hands and feet on the ground and his eyes had become very big with anger.
I told the person accompanying me to hold Ajay and after reciting the mantra, I started sprinkling holy water over Ajay. Within 3 or 4 minutes Ajay came back in his form and said what had happened.
I did not say anything. When Ajay became completely normal, I told him to bring a pen and diary next time,also bring holy water ,rose water and kewda (fragrant screwpine) water.

When next time he came, he brought a pen and diary. accompanied with same person.
I told him that whatever I was telling him, he should write it down and he had to do it. I said that before going to bed at night, sprinkle Ganga water in the whole house. I got him to write two mantras which he had to read 551 times. Then I told him the method of Hawan and said that Hawan had to be done daily after 10:00 pm. I gave him one of God’s things and said that after bathing daily, apply it in the navel. Then I blew both rose water and kevda water with mantra.
He started asking me what would happen to the Gange water, rose water and Kevda water that I had ordered him to bring. I told him to take a bath by pouring all the things about 50ml in water. Then I told him to come after 7 days.
Ajay again came on the eighth day and sat in front of me. That person also came along with Ajay. That day Ajay looked very angry. Person told me that ever since Pooja started by him, he had been very angry with me. I understood that wrong paranormal forces were with Ajay, they did not want Ajay to be cured. I asked how he was doing the puja then . He told that his wife makes him do everything by reading the diary.

Then Ajay went out, I thought that he had gone for some work. That day was Tuesday, lot of people come to meet on Tuesday, so I started seeing more people. After a while I see that Ajay was standing in front of the door. As soon as I called him inside, I saw that his face distorted and he was coming to hit me by raising his fist. As he moved forward, he fell down on the floor and started to roam like a snake. Some people who were sitting near me got frightened . Women started crying in fear and men also sat down in the corner full of fear. I started sprinkling holy water on Ajay and reciting mantras together. He sat down in a while. Ajay said that he was feeling very weak but no one was ready to touch Ajay. Everyone was scared. I gave support to Ajay and placed him on the platform outside. After a while Ajay left.
When Ajay came on Saturday, other people who had come to meet me stood on the shore in fear. Everyone begged to see Ajay first and see him off. Ajay sat down and started to tell that he was feeling a bit fine then. The tension inside him had reduced a bit but everything was same as before .
He said that his mother’s health deteriorates when he recovers. I felt that the wrong powers over Ajay might be affecting his mother. I gave Hanuman ji’s vermilion to Ajay and told him to put the vermilion in the mother’s navel. After that I made Ajay sit in front and started meditating on him. Two things came into my mind. The first thing came here was that the energy points or chakras of Ajay’s head had some trouble and the second thing came to me that some strange paper appeared in my vision.

I told him to go and come on Tuesday as from Tuesday, I would do some application on him. I asked him to bring Ganga water, rose water,Kevda water and powdered turmeric. When he came on Tuesday, he told me that his mother refused to place vermilion in the navel. She was screaming that ever since Ajay started worshiping, her health was getting worse. I told Ajay that there was nothing like that and then I started applying Holy water, rose water and kewra water on Ajay’s head. Ajay was held by 2 people, one held Ajay’s hand and the other person held Ajay’s leg. But the action did not create any problem, only Ajay had sprung up a bit. After meeting people, when I got free , I got the idea that Ajay was telling that his mother did a lot of pooja, then why she refused to apply vermilion of Lord Hanuman. Why was Ajay’s mother afraid ? I called Ajay and told him that when his mother would go outside the house, look in her room if there was a strange thing or a diary.
On Friday, Ajay’s phone call came, he told me that he had found a diary and a picture of himself and his father being wrapped inside the paper from the drawer along with other mesmerising things . I asked him to bring them on Saturday. He said that he would not be able to bring the mother’s thing, then I told him to take a picture shot on mobile.

When I saw the pics on Saturday, I was stunned, it was captivating. An address was also found in the diary. I asked Ajay to send someone to the diary’s address and should tell there that his mother had sent. He should tell there that her son and husband were troubling her. Then I asked him to mop the entire house with holy water.
Next day Ajay received a call that his mother’s health had worsened after mopping and was taking her to the hospital. I said ok and also said to find the whereabouts of diary address. After 2 hours, Ajay gave me a call. He said that the mother was relaxed as soon as she came out of the house and by the time she reached the hospital, she was quite cured. The tests conducted in the hospital were normal. I told him to send the mother’s photo to me from mobile.
The photo had come in my mobile. When I meditated, I found that my mind was getting distracted. Being distracted meant that Ajay’s mother did wrong actions against Ajay and his father. I called Ajay the next day. Ajay said that the address belonged to a person who performed tantra-mantra. The tantrik told that Ajay’s mother had told him that husband and son make her very upset, that’s why he did vashikaran(mesmerism) over them.Tantrik told that he had done vashikaran activity 12 years from today and she always comes to visit him.

Is was clear where the mess had happened? I told Ajay that his mother had got him and his father vandalized. What does captivate mean, it means that you will do what is said. I asked about his Dad how was he. He said that father wound do what mother said.Then it became very clear.

Ajay asked me that how Vashikaran brought other Paranormal powers in the body and at home. I said that what is not related to God messes up. Whatever happened to Ajay, this was the after effect of captivation.Then Ajay realized that his mind wound go blank or did not work as soon as he entered the house. He asked what should he do. I said “keep doing as I say”.
As the worship of God grew in Ajay’s house so did Ajay’s mother’s health went down . One day it came that she herself asked Hanuman ji’s vermilion to put in the navel but it was probably too late. As soon as she applied vermilion she got a lot of relief and she fell asleep. The next day when Ajay woke up , he was feeling very good, suddenly the father’s voice came to see what had happened to the mother. When Ajay reached , he saw that his mother’s face has turned completely black and she was dead. A few pages in strange language were found under her bed.

After 2 days, Ajay took a picture of those papers and sent them to me. After meditating, it smelled so bad that what should I tell, I called up Ajay and told him to burn those papers. As soon as the papers started burning , it felt like the house was moving. When the paper burnt completely , everything became quiet. After that day, all of Ajay’s problems gradually ended. A month later, he started driving and whatever wrong powers were due to the paper ended.
You saw that Ajay’s mother only meant that everyone should listen to her, but she went on wrong track. The way any fruit stinks slowly, similarly their captivation consumed the whole house and in the last took her life.What is the use of such puja that bothers others and do their own good. Therefore, you are requested not to indulge in wrong things, believe in God, if you are getting something late, then be patient.
In the end, I would like to say one more thing that worship of God definitely shows the way as you have seen here and the attention of God is very important because we can know many things through HIS grace.