Weeping Ghost of fifteen feet and It’s Bloody Warning

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It must have been ten o’clock in the morning, I was having breakfast. Then the bell rang, I left the breakfast and got up to open the door. When I opened the door, I saw an old acquaintance of mine, his name was Shyam (name changed). Shyam is a food inspector by profession. There was another person with him whom I did not know. I made them sit and asked for 10 minutes. After having breakfast I sat down with them, by then tea had also arrived.

Shyam told that he had come to me for an important job. When I asked, he said that it is a work related to the temple. Then he introduced me to the person who came with them. The name of the person was Raju.
Shyam told that Raju is in deep trouble. Nobody believes him and those who believe are unable to solve his problem . I asked Raju his problem. Raju told that he has come through many places and has spent a lot of money. What he told ahead was going to be shocking.
This was new case for me. He told that he is very upset for 2 years. I asked him who lived with him in the house. Raju told that he is in the house, he has a sister-in-law and her two grown children. The brother died earlier.

Raju told that the beginning of thenightmare started with some strange sounds. From 12:00 to 3:00 at night there was the sound of crying from the terrace. It was as if man and woman were crying together. It used to be so scary to stand up.
Raju said that at first it was understood that voices were coming from the next house. It was later convinced that this is not the case. At first it felt like it would be alright, but slowly things in the house started going unpleasant on their own. Sometimes the TV goes into problem, sometimes the fridge gets a fault and in this way other things also started going unfortunate.

But after all this happened, Raju went to a Panditji and told him the whole situation. Panditji gave water and some rice to sprinkle in whole house . Panditji said to sprinkle rice on the roof.Nothing happened.
Raju told that before coming here he had gone to countless places but there was no rest. According to Raju, the problem was increasing day by day. I asked Raju what happens now. He said that now it seems as if someone is pulling the chest in the room above. Everyone has started sleeping in a room out of fear. He said that the sound of crying has become more intense and it seems that someone is standing and crying next to him.
Raju told that now it has become such that the ration disappears automatically from the box.

Deadly strange appearance is seen in the mirror behind one’s face. Due to this family members never see their faces in mirror. He told that the members of the house has become so upset that everyone is wishing that they should commit suicide.
It was a completely new experience for me. One thing was clear that the paranormal thing was powerful because a simple ghost cannot do so many things. It also means that there will be redress, but it will take time maybe 5 months or complete 1 year.
I told Raju that it will take time but everything will be alright. Now friends ,let us talk about redress. I asked Raju to come tomorrow.
After he left, I meditated on God for about half an hour. Three types of prevention were perceived by me. One thing I want to tell you is that never talk to souls or ghosts or try to ask them or get them done by anyone. In 99% of cases, ghosts or witches lie a lot. Take the path of your God, tell HIM your problems and worship with full faith .
The next day when Raju came to me, I told him that we have to do three things in it. The first work is to be purify whole house with holy water, the second task is to pray to God and the third is to perform havan(provide offering to God)
The sacred water here is the water of the river Ganga. There is holy water in every religion and you can make it in the house too. I am talking about making it at home because if you do not have holy water where you live, then you can make holy water by my method. I will tell you in the fifth blog how to use and make holy water.

Then I told Raju before starting all this, all the people of the house would have to wear armor in the form of amulets. You have to wear amulets so that no power can harm you . All three works were to begin on the same day. I told him to sprinkle holy water all over the house. He had to do this daily and sprinkle holy water in the morning and night also. And if you chant mantras along with sprinkling ,the effect will be last longing.
I had the Havan done in my temple and asked him to do the Havan in his house after 12:00 AM. I gave him two mantras and said, 2 hours chant is to be recited accompanied by the burning of incense sticks .
1 month exited to no relief . Raju patience was starting to deteriorate . I explained that do not worry, it is a big disease that will be cured slowly.

I was coming home after performing havan with Raju one day, then I realized that someone was coming after me. I felt a shadow that was in white clothes and was about 15 feet high. I meditated on my God and that shadow went away.
There was something strange happening with Raju too.One day he filled petrol in the scooter, after driving for 1 minute the scooter stopped. When he went to the mechanic shop, he found that there was not a drop of petrol. There was no leakage, then again he filled up petrol and went home but he became puzzled as well as disheartened.
You know What happened to Raju again after 2 days? He took out โ‚น 20000 from the ATM. When he reached home,he found that the amount had reduced from 20,000 to 10,000. Now Raju was broken, he started crying. I told Raju, do what I say and believe in God.

Raju half heartedly continued pooja because no achievements were visible to him.Thanks to God, after putting our full effort for two months fruits of joy became visible. Now the weeping stopped as well as pulling of chest also stopped. The entire household members slept comfortably for the first time in those six months that night.
Now Raju and the members of the house got courage after seeing the result.They started doing worship with stout heartedness and peaceful mind. All ghostly activities had become minimal in 8 months. A year had come to end and one day Raju came running to me. In the courtyard of Raju it was written with blood ‘Raju I will see you’.

I started laughing and I said ‘Go all the troubles will end from today’. It was that day and till today ,Raju is very happy and nothing happened after that.
So readers, the prayer of God has a lot of effect and patience is required if there is any paranormal problem.Some problems are big and some are small, do not be afraid but face them firmly. There is no ghost who is greater than God, believe in God.