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Today this is my first post, in which I would like to tell something about myself. In childhood, everyone goes for fun, wanders and scolded by parents. I was no exception. Yes, at that time my attraction towards God was not much.
Today I worship the same God for 8 to 10 hours and I forget the clock. Thousands of people come to meet me, I will tell why, later. Friends ,let us go back to that childhood.
I am from Hindu family and live in India. People of all religions come to meet me.Whatever the religion, we are human beings first, so we are not beyond problems.

So friends, in childhood, to hang out with friends, to get angry at home, as it happens to everyone and I was no exception. My life took a turn when I was 16 years old. It happened that I went to a temple. That temple belonged to Bhairav ​​ji. Before this I had visited many temples, but I came to this temple for the first time.
I reached the temple of Bhairav ​​ji, washed my hands and feet and sat inside. After sitting for 5 minutes, I felt so much peace which I cannot say in words.
I returned home, but could not forget that peace. Then I started going to the temple 2 days a week. Gradually I started going 3 days a week and within 6 months I started going to the temple every day.
This trend continued, age kept on increasing and 1 day such incident happened which gave a new direction to my life. It happened that I used to go to Bhairav ​​Baba’s temple every day, 2 kilometers away from there was Hanuman ji’s temple. This temple is famous all over India and it is known in the Sangam city by the name of big Hanuman.

I was sitting with my eyes closed in the temple of Bhairo Baba, then I felt that I should go to Hanuman ji’s temple. I picked up my bicycle and reached the temple of elder Hanuman ji.
I sat there and just felt the peace that used to be in the temple of Bhairo Baba. Because it was 9:00 in the night, I returned home after sitting a little.
I started going there on Tuesdays and Saturdays. One day I was sitting in the temple and was meditating with eyes closed.A familiar person came. Looked upset there. Like every person asks, I also asked the reason for his problem. He told me the problem ,remedy flashed in my mind in no time. I told him, he looked at me with surprise and went quietly from there.
A month later that person came with two people, I asked the reason, then he told that his work is done and the two people who accompanied him are in trouble .. I told them too, after hearing their problem again solution came to my mind. In this way, many people started coming to me within a year.

Lot of people started coming to meet me in Hanuman ji’s temple. I would spent more time in Hanuman ji’s temple. I started worshiping Hanuman more than Bhairav ​​Baba Ji. Slowly I started to feel that some divine power is with me.
Today it has been 20 years, thousands of people come to me. People of every religion come because trouble is part of human life. I help them.
Paranormal problems started coming to me . If someone’s planet is bad, I would tell them . If there was a medical problem, then I also helped in that.
I tell you that as soon as you make me aware of the problem, answer flashes in my mind, this is my strength.

With the passage of time, I also realized that if I recite the mantra with holy water, and apply the Holy water over the energy points of the body ,beneficial effects are clearly visible .
Friends, I will picture out the problems of the cases who came to me, in ParanormallSolution .com and I will also tell about how they got rectified .You might be having the same problem, then you can consider the same rectification method .
God will bless me if I provide any help to you. One thing I would like to mention is that trouble is like a disease. Just as the disease is small or big, similarly the problems are big or small . Every problem is solved, just patience is needed.
Whatever you read in this blog , are true events and how I treated them is important for you. Every problem is solved, but you have to trust your God.